Sunday, December 19, 2010

InKredible organizing ideas to help the creative mojo flow...

for AmberInk's InKredible 21 Day Challenge 

The challenge is to use an AmberInk product to make something to get yourselves (or someone you love) organized. Here are some ideas to get you thinking...

(can you just see some ipaper on that?)

I know a place where you can get some pretty cute images for this!
Like maybe Here or Here.

(you always need something to put stuff in right?)

(okay, this is SOMEWHERE on Jane's blog, if only I could find it again! 
I put it here to remind myself as much as anything so that I could
  use it on a dessert folder like Cheryl did using these .

Okay...I know your mojo flow hit go!!
Please join us.
Not only will you get yourself organized in such a pretty way,

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  1. Hi i love the DYI about the shoe box. I'll be using your photo on my blog, if u dont mind. Keep it up :)